The rules as listed below are listed for quick reference only. The rules as listed in-MOO (using help rules) are the current and correct rules.

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0: Foundational Rules of NeonMOO

0.a Rule Zero One: GM fiat

GMs and other admin are responsible for enforcing the rules in accordance with their spirit and the established praxis. The admin are also volunteers, chosen as arbiters of the rules and trusted to execute them. The rules as given in this document are a guideline, and a tool to understanding admin praxis and expectations on players. They are not a body of law that can be cited in order to present an admin with a 'gotcha' to jiu-jitsu some ruling into existence. In sum, Rule Zero One is stated as such:

Rule Zero One: Field rulings by admin are rules, and must be adhered to. This is not negotiable.

0.b Rule Zero Two: The Golden Rule

The function of the rules and the impetus of admin praxis is not to empower admin to act as a squad of goons, arbitrarily handing down judgements and rulings as they see fit. The function of the rules is to enable a safe, comfortable, and above all fun environment in which people can play the game, for everyone that are willing to make a good-faith effort to help in making a safe, comfortable and fun environment. While the characters all of us play may be adversarial in-character (IC), we should all always be cooperative out-of-character (OOC). In sum, Rule Zero Two is stated as such:

Rule Zero Two: Each of us are responsible for treating other players as they want to be treated, and should be able to expect the same in return.

0.c Rule Zero Three: Sharing and Caring

By sending text that you have authored to the MOO server, you agree to place said in the public domain in perpetuity. When sending text that you have not authored, you take responsibility for ensuring that the text is freely available for the purpose of sending to the MOO. In sum, Rule Zero Three is stated as such:

Rule Zero Three: Each of us are here to share our own ideas, and as we borrow and reference, we own what we do.

0.d Fundamental Actionable Issues

Rules zero give rise to a few fundamental actionable offenses against the foundational rules. In practice, most any disciplinary action will be given as arising from one of the following foundational rules.

0.e Appeals

The admin are in charge, but one admin is finally and ultimately in charge: Crisis. If you feel that a field ruling has been made in error, or not in accordance with rules zero, the correct, and indeed only way to handle this, is to send an email with an attached log of the session that prompted a disciplinary response to crisis [at] neon-moo [dot] space, along with an explanation of why you believe the acting admin was in the wrong. Note that even if you intend to appeal a decision, you are still required to abide by it as instructed by the acting admin. Note also that other ways of dealing with this, such as whining over in-game admin channels, sharing logs on external fora, or appealing a decision with insufficent or misleading logging or explantions are very good ways of having whatever ruling you were given increased sharply.

0.f Terminology

Various terms are used regarding disciplinary action: Timeout, suspension, account lock, removal...

They are all the same thing: bans. While banned, your are prevented from logging into the game with your character(s), and your character(s) might additionally be removed from the IC world for the duration. Attempting to log into your character during a ban is not in and of itself actionable, unless the login attempts are excessive or automated, or you have been explicitly told not to attempt to log in. Attempting to evade or circumvent the ban, such as by registering a new character, is extremely actionable, and might in extremis be met with a police report for unlawfully accessing a computer system.

0.g Privacy Policy

Using NeonMOO requires an email address, in addition to which connection information such as IP addresses and site names are gathered for interoperability and enforcement purposes. This information is only used for internal maintenance tasks, and never sold, traded, divulged or otherwise passed on.

Any and all IC and OOC locations in the game may be monitored and potentially logged at any time in the interest of enabling GMs to plot, plan and animate the world. Any command input or output may also be monitored or logged at any time, except for commands relating to managing contact information (email) and password (despite which, using a separate, unique password for NeonMOO that is not used anywhere else is recommended).

0.h Updates to the Rules

The rules above may be change at any time, for any reason, associated with a public notification to this effect. It is on each player to keep up to date on this, but fortunately: This is not expected to happen often, and when it does, someone has left the kind of turd on the carpet that everyone can smell, and it's unlikely to matter to a player who does not for whatever reason live right on the edge of the rules to begin with.

1: Game rules

1.a One Player, One Character

NeonMOO does not generally allow players to have more than one character, nor characters to be shared between multiple players.

1.b RP is Love, RP is Life

All characters are expected to act consistently in character from the moment they log in to the moment they log out. Players are expected to act out of character when addressing generally accessible or admin-directed OOC or help channels.

1.c NeonMOO is rated AO: Adults Only

NeonMOO and related material contains explicit references to violence, alcohol, tobacco and firearms, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, for a start. As such, NeonMOO practices a hard age limit of 18 years on all players. Any player found to be younger than 18 will be banned until such time as they are 18. Additionally, every player is responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with their local laws and regulations on the question of age.

1.d Metagaming

Every player is responsible for assuring that their character is acting only on information they can reasonably be expected to have. Acting on IC information acquired through OOC channels, or acting IC for OOC reasons is strictly against the rules of NeonMOO, as is sharing IC information through OOC channels. Additionally, having your character act a certain way because "my guy would" or because "it's a game" is also metagaming, and also against the rules.

1.e Power Gaming

Every player is responsible for assuring that their character is acting only as themselves. Using poses, emotes or dialogue that "forces" a specific action from another player or NPC in particular is power gaming, and against the rules of NeonMOO. (Using in-game systems to force actions, however, is perfectly fine.)

2: IC Code of Conduct

2.a Ambience

Players and NPCs are not the only thing that exist in the world. While they might not be explicity described, every street and public room has a crowd, a faceless mass that is swirling around your character. Ignoring this crowd is considered metagaming, and against the rules and the code of conduct. Ascribing individual agency to members of this crowd without good reason is considered power gaming, and is also against the rules and code of conduct. When it comes to ambience, a careful and balanced approach is needed.

2.b Tempo

In NeonMOO, the world moves in real time, and as such it is important that the characters do as well. When posing, speaking or emoting, be brief and to the point, and avoid overly long command. Intentionally writing overlong emotes that seek to deny other characters a chance to react is considered power gaming, and is against the rules and the code of conduct. As a general rule of thumb, it is appropriate to send a pose or piece of dialogue whenever you write a period, question mark or exclamation point, or even a comma.

2.c Excessively Anti-social Personalities

Any and all characters should at the very least appear as relatively reasonable, straightforward, and stable people. This is not to say that your character can't be a right bastard, or even downright evil, but characters that trample around, cursing out random people or attacking people for no reason, or otherwise being exessively violent, anti-social and disruptive will find themselves removed, in extremis along with their player.

2.d Thematic and Character Consistency

Players are expected to adhere to the theme and lore as established (see help lore, help theme), and are expected to maintain a consistent, recognizable character. This doesn't mean that a character (or indeed the game world) is expected to be static, only that they be consistent with the state of the world at large, past experiences and characterisation.

2.e Goal-oriented Thinking

Players are expected to set goals for their characters, and then to seek out the means to accomplish these goals. Basing any part of a character's ambitions on what is percieved to be the space of possibility is considered metagaming, and against the rules.

3: OOC Code of Conduct

3.a Harassment

Harassment of other players is not tolerated. Defining harassment is beyond the scope of this document, but as a general rule of thumb: If something feels like harassment, it probably is. Note also that sexual harassment in particular is one of the faster ways to earn a permanent ban. In order to contact an admin regarding harrasment, either of yourself or others, use the @say command. Remember: If you see something, @say <something>!

3.b Language and Language Use

English is the languaged used on NeonMOO for all OOC and IC interactions, and players are expected to keep an eye on their spelling and grammar. Specifically, spelling out words in full, punctuating and capitalizing sentences more or less correctly, and using the Oxford comma where necessary are all mandatory. In addition to thinking about how words are rendered, it's also required to be mindful of how (and which) words are used. Specifically, profanity is only to be used when it's fucking appropriate, and slurs based on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age or ability are to be avoided, especially in NeonMOO's public OOC channels, but it's not a bad rule for life in general.

3.c Sharing IC Information

Sharing or requesting IC information on- or off-MOO is strictly forbidden, and if discovered will almost certainly result in a ban. Acting on information attained by people sharing information against the rules is also strictly forbidden. Keep in mind that sharing information is not only against the rules, it is also incredibly rude, in that it saddles anyone unfortunate enough to come accross the information with the burden of not acting on it.

3.d Personal Information

Do not request personal information from other players, and do not share any personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, IM handles, social media links, pictures, home addresses, phone numbers, health and wellness, the names of your pets, and your favorite type of spoon.